Deep learning Solution to reduce the security risks of unmanaged devices

Enterprise IoT Security monitored and protected by Cybowall

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How Do You Protect Your IOT Devices?

Cybowall scans your network continuously - know what is connected and identify potential problems before they happen

Your Solution For the Day Before Attack

Vulnerability Assessment Tool For Admin & MSSP

  • Identify & examine of vulnerabilities
  • Meeting Compliance Mandates
  • The ability to audit changes, and to monitor
  • Report certain types of activity is required for compliance with regulatory mandates such as GLBA, SOX, HIPAA and PCI DSS

Your Solution For the Day Attack

Detection & Mitigation of Network Breaches

  • A category of applications and security elements designed to detect the activity of malware inside a network after a breach has occurred
  • IT departments use breach detection systems to protect against the variety of advanced threats, especially unidentified malware
  • Intrusion Detection System
  • Honeypot
  • Malware Scanning
  • UEBA & Anomaly
  • Network Access Control

Your Solution For the Day After Attack

Gain Visibility and Manage Your Network Assets

  • Monitor network devices, servers and services from a single console
  • Trigger alerts on availability and performance issues
  • Monitor network status on rich maps overview
  • Minimize downtime by automating remediation actions
  • Built-in reports and dashboards for quick tickets resolution

PineApp Mail Secure

PineApp Mail Secure combines security and intuitive design for total messaging support. Easily deploy up to two anti-virus engines and PineApp Mail Secure now offers a Sandboxing Module that provides in depth protection against advanced persistent malware threats.

Spam blockage
Proven ratio of 99.8%
Advanced Malware Blocking
Multi layer malware blocking by Anti-virus and Macro inspection.
Strong perimeter security
Up to 90% are stopped prior to content inspections
E-mail Attachment Sandboxing
APT protection via email sandboxing
Seamless integration
Interfaces with all server types
Global, group, domain and user-based policy rules assignment
Legal hold
Short-term (30-days) clean email backup solution
High availability
Ability to create multi-platform arrays with embedded load balancing

Advanced Threat Protection

  • CYBONET's Email Sandboxing Module protects against zero hour, targeted attacks and ransomware variants including Locky and CryptoLocker.
  • Through an integration with Check Point's SandBlast Technology, once enabled, the Sandboxing Module automatically scans email attachments in real-time.

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Technology Partners

CYBONET delivers fully integrated security solutions across multiple platforms and proudly partners with the following technology providers.

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